Christian Moehring


Current Projects:


Anabiosis was started in 2006 as a trio. The band uses odd metered structures, phrases and melodies to construct an instrumental, metal based sound. We have two full length albums out and have now added a fourth member.


Dissonant, Number-based, Rhythmic Insanity


Black Metal purity and desolation

Upcoming Metal Project:

New Metal Project in the works with John Gonzalez from Richmond VA!!! Updates soon.

Solo Work:

Coming Soon!


Old Projects:

Wormhole Superette:

Three piece experimental noise that utilizes improvisation and non traditional influences and outcomes.


Death Metal from Philadelphia. Audio Coming Soon.

Epoch Trio:

Trio with Paul Lingerman and Ben Barry.


Death Metal from Richmond VA. Audio Coming Soon.

True Solar Holiday:

Indy Project from Richmond VA from 2003. Full Length finally coming out soon.